Mumbai Aunty Whatsapp Number Marriage Friendship

Mumbai Aunty  Whatsapp Number

Indian Mumbai Aunties Whatsapp Numbers Marriage Friendship
Hello everyone, my name is Jarisha, I am from India Maharashtra, living in Mumbai. I have shared my Indian Aunties Whatsapp Numbers for marriage and life partner. And I am looking for a life partner, who can take care of me and my home.

I have a good business and a sweet home, but there is no one, who can take care of all. So today I came across this website, where I have posted my profile with a photo and Whatsapp Number, and hope, I will my desired life partner here very soon. I have found many Mumbai Aunties Whatsapp Numbers here.

I think they are also looking for a life partner. One of my friends has also profile on this website and she has found her life partner and living a very happy life. I want a decent, honest, and sincere life partner. Who is clever, self-dependent, and has a good character. I think you have all these qualities. If yes, then feel free to contact me on my Whatsapp Number, I will reply to you soon.

Complete Social Profile

Name: Jarisha

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Date Of Birth: 21/01/1985

Language: Hindi, English

Religion: Hindu

Whatsapp Number: +91-9439648686

Company: Reliance

Occupation: Business

City: Mumbai

State: Maharashtra

Country: India


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